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life is but a dream.

success is a journey, not a destination and for the past couple months my journey has been quite the spiritual one. there are people who come into our lives to guide us one step closer to our meant to be. i will save the details of my divine intervention for the destiney bleu "true Hollywood story" but you can refer back to my last blog to read a little about my clarity on angels living among us. 

we all daydream, check out, get in our zone, lose ourselves in our thoughts...but what happens when you connect with someone who is able to translate what you goes on in your mind into tangible form? a creative director so to speak. 

my director was phil the god

phil. you made it possible for the rest of the world to see what goes on in my mind, you created my reality and helped me live my dream out loud. you say "bleu" was a dream you had. it was a dream we had. i am not sure how i will ever thank you. 

this is my inception. im writing my dreams. 
immortal view of a star doing what im born to do.
i see the blue sky, see the lord's coming through. 


BLEU. from philthegod.