my new video :)


my how things have changed since my last post!

boy boy its been awhile i dont really even know where to start! i was totally right in saying that thigns were going to be taking off for me...nothing surprises me anymore, but honestly i was totally blown away with all the amazing things that happened to me within a single day of starting my blog! but thats going to have to be for another day..ahhh work to do!


today 9-11

Sooooo this is something new Im trying...Every birthday I set a goal for myself and since it was my bday monday, and technically the start of the next year of my life, it was time to again make a decision as to what I would tackle this next year...I have been missing out on one of my passions which is writing. Its football season and again and now that Im going to (if all goes as planned) work with NFL Gridiron Gab :) So not only will I be blogging, I will be getting to cover football again!!!!I have some huge changes in my life and its time finally do what Ive been talking about. I finally have creative freedom. This time hopefully instead of cheering at the game, I hope to be that hot, reporter on the side haha! Im really excited to see where this next years going to go. Im documenting this now so I can look at it everyday and see my postings get more and more interesting :)

I will continue modeling and dancing because in this industry theyre all connected....dammit if only i could sing, then id have it all! hahaha i kid i kid, just a little somethin for my haters. but seriously, thank you to my haters bcuz one of them in particular pushed me to model and get some pictures i have a book. maybe one day ill be a covergirl like u..hehe that stories for another time.

Also to my friends who continue to inspire me to live to my potential...miss erika for booking ipod, nike, jose cuervo and old spice with ll cool j and the list goes on and on...thank you missy your an inspiration. weve come a long long way!

Until tomorrow...yay writing again!

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