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power trip

music helps us verbalize feelings we couldn't otherwise express. artists like drake and j.cole have taken thoughts from my head and put them into lyrics on numerous occasions. i got hooked on j.cole's "friday night lights" while living in Tokyo in 2011. I was having major control issues-I had my life all planned out and i was battling working for someone else and not [feeling] free to live out my own vision.... the lesson i was missing was that everything was as it should be and the more i went against the flow the more i would block my blessings. i was so attached to the way i thought things should be that i wasn't paying attention to the fact i was living in a condo in tokyo, no rent, no bills, and on salary as a dancer-all things from my vision board. the answers to our desires and problems often come packaged much differently than we are expecting. i took advantage of the free time i had to wander and gather inspiration for my empire, i built my website and came up with an organized plan for when i moved back to the US. i was up til 6 am every night [just like right now] writing down ideas for dbleudazzled and learning HTML.

power trip: an action undertaken chiefly for the gratification associated with the exercise of power over another, others or situation.

we all go on power trips, trying to show we are in control, but the only thing we are in control of is our thoughts and we must use them for good. i know my purpose is to live by example, inspire others and show them what love is. we are all mirrors of one another. if we see someone who doesn't like us, its something we don't like about ourselves. ive learned that if we love and accept ourselves, others do too. the ones that dont, they don't exist because we don't let that belief live. take control of your time and your energy and put it into the betterment of you. manipulating people or situations will get you an outcome that isnt based off truth. 

i had a spiritual awakening a few months ago and it shifted my thoughts to love, growth and positivity. i know now that even when people aren't open or ready for the light im trying to shine on them, my job is often to simply plant a seed, water it from time to time and have faith that they will grow to be enlightened in their own time. ive learned, its not always about having my way-its about showing others the way. 

j. cole ft. miguel "power trip" on itunes 


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