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divine intervention

divine intervention is defined as a miracle, an event or moment of clarity caused by God's active involvement in the human world. some of us have those moments of clarity on the daily, mine are often triggered by conversations with the angels in my life. i have a team, i call them the "empire builders" they stimulate me to a higher wavelength of thinking, helping me see my true potential & contribute to my creativity. [god stepping in giving me my gifts]  

if you've ever read my tweets, facebook statuses or past blogs, chances are i've made some mention of paying it forward or being the answer to someone's prayers. i live by this. im a true believer in the principle of "to have a friend is to be a friend" some may say [have said] im too nice, but what they haven't picked up on yet is im teaching them how to be less of a jerk. i live by example, i try to be the change i want to see in this world. i treat people how i want to be treated. ask around. it takes more energy to go against someone than it does to go with the flow. we all have a choice in what we decide to pay attention to. you ever notice when you are putting time into things you are passionate about things fall in your lap? missing puzzle pieces show up! 

we are supposed to be learning from every person in our life, anyone who impacts our thoughts and actions. the key is being open to receiving the lesson that person is teaching us, even when we don't want to learn it. some folks teach us to keep a guard up a little longer & not get ahead of ourselves, others teach us that love comes in all shapes and forms, others help us realize our purpose by restoring our belief in ourself. sometimes this divine intervention is a person, oftentimes it is a series of events. regardless of the occurrence, there's a message to be heard. 

while we learn from others, they learn from us. what if god were one of us? what if he is...in all of us. 

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