power trip

music helps us verbalize feelings we couldn't otherwise express. artists like drake and j.cole have taken thoughts from my head and put them into lyrics on numerous occasions. i got hooked on j.cole's "friday night lights" while living in Tokyo in 2011. I was having major control issues-I had my life all planned out and i was battling working for someone else and not [feeling] free to live out my own vision.... the lesson i was missing was that everything was as it should be and the more i went against the flow the more i would block my blessings. i was so attached to the way i thought things should be that i wasn't paying attention to the fact i was living in a condo in tokyo, no rent, no bills, and on salary as a dancer-all things from my vision board. the answers to our desires and problems often come packaged much differently than we are expecting. i took advantage of the free time i had to wander and gather inspiration for my empire, i built my website and came up with an organized plan for when i moved back to the US. i was up til 6 am every night [just like right now] writing down ideas for dbleudazzled and learning HTML.

power trip: an action undertaken chiefly for the gratification associated with the exercise of power over another, others or situation.

we all go on power trips, trying to show we are in control, but the only thing we are in control of is our thoughts and we must use them for good. i know my purpose is to live by example, inspire others and show them what love is. we are all mirrors of one another. if we see someone who doesn't like us, its something we don't like about ourselves. ive learned that if we love and accept ourselves, others do too. the ones that dont, they don't exist because we don't let that belief live. take control of your time and your energy and put it into the betterment of you. manipulating people or situations will get you an outcome that isnt based off truth. 

i had a spiritual awakening a few months ago and it shifted my thoughts to love, growth and positivity. i know now that even when people aren't open or ready for the light im trying to shine on them, my job is often to simply plant a seed, water it from time to time and have faith that they will grow to be enlightened in their own time. ive learned, its not always about having my way-its about showing others the way. 

j. cole ft. miguel "power trip" on itunes 



i had a dream.

a year ago today i had a dream...and i mean that quite literally. i was reading "think and grow rich" and within a day of reading it i woke up in the middle of the night, made a pair of diamond encrusted fishnets, snapped a few pix and fell back asleep. i didn't even remember until the next afternoon when my best friend text me saying that the pic i sent her at 6am was "redunkulous".

fast forward to today, i've single-handedly made over 500 pairs of crystallized tights and nearly 100 diamond encrusted costumes. the dazzle is in stores in LA + NYC, in the show "le rêve" at the wynn hotel las vegas, on tour with nicki minaj, on the dancers at avalon hollywood as well as performers all over the world. recently fashion websites shoedazzlethe fancy and modnique featured "dazzling" crystallized sheer tights by dbleudazzled. i lost count at the tumblrs and instragrams i found them on, definitely learned some lessons in watermarking my photos lol!

the last few months of my life have been in a blur, im a dbleudazzled commercial every time i step on set or walk into an audition or rehearsal. i am a strong believer in being your brand everyday. shine never goes out of style and i am beyond humbled that i am able to do what i love everyday and make people sparkle [inside + out] its truly my meant to be.


relax your mind. let your conscious be free. train your brain.

We live in a very health conscious society, we change our eating habits, get juicers, drink protein shakes and exercise our bodies to stay fit-but what do we do to keep our brain on its “A” game? Since moving to California I’ve become one of those people who goes to the beach to clear my head and get out my thoughts. Every night I sit on my balcony and talk outloud to the stars & man on the moon-prayers if you will. But regardless of the wishes I whisper to the man upstairs, I know that I must put in work in order for his plan to unfold. Organized planning. 

Putting in work is easy in theory, but first you must start with a plan.  A written plan. Many of us have trouble taking the time to enter our thoughts into a to-do list.  Our productivity can be hurt by not inputting everything into a system so we can deal with it properly.  Our brains aren’t made to remember things forever, but paper is; with an empty brain, we’re able to either focus on new things or deal with the task at hand, instead of constantly dwelling on past things. Mind clutter.

What should live on paper lives in our brain and then proceeds to be forgotten and left alone. What are you doing to bring the dreams that live in your head to life? A buddy told me about a creativity | productivity tool that would help make sense of the madness in the brain...and in my case unfreeze me from the state of overwhelm Ive been living in. Its called “mind dumping.” Im sure you laughed. We all have a 13 year old sense of humor deep down. 

A mind dump is simply a way for you to get everything out of your head and onto paper.  “Mind dumping” allows you to flex your mind, improve your creativity and boost your memory. A good time to perform a mind dump is at the end of every week, when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, or when your brain is swimming with ideas and you can’t concentrate. Frozen in overwhelm in my case, I know all the things I need to do but when I think about them all I freeze, I dont know where to even start---and sometimes I dont. 

Mind dumping has the effect of clearing out your mental closet. With a list of everything that you are thinking about, you'll be able to set priorities, put your tasks into categories and make quicker decisions. Now your brain is free to think creatively about something that you were previously unable to tackle.

There’s no set way for doing the best mind dump, the point is to reset your brain, update your productivity system, and put onto paper all the things that have been taking up the valuable [and limited] space in your brain. If you’ve got a free moment, or 20, to clear your head-you’ll be amazed how many things come out of your brain and onto paper, when you devote time and space to emptying it.

 As with any exercise, repetition is necessary for you to see improvement.



life is but a dream.

success is a journey, not a destination and for the past couple months my journey has been quite the spiritual one. there are people who come into our lives to guide us one step closer to our meant to be. i will save the details of my divine intervention for the destiney bleu "true Hollywood story" but you can refer back to my last blog to read a little about my clarity on angels living among us. 

we all daydream, check out, get in our zone, lose ourselves in our thoughts...but what happens when you connect with someone who is able to translate what you goes on in your mind into tangible form? a creative director so to speak. 

my director was phil the god

phil. you made it possible for the rest of the world to see what goes on in my mind, you created my reality and helped me live my dream out loud. you say "bleu" was a dream you had. it was a dream we had. i am not sure how i will ever thank you. 

this is my inception. im writing my dreams. 
immortal view of a star doing what im born to do.
i see the blue sky, see the lord's coming through. 


BLEU. from philthegod. 



divine intervention

divine intervention is defined as a miracle, an event or moment of clarity caused by God's active involvement in the human world. some of us have those moments of clarity on the daily, mine are often triggered by conversations with the angels in my life. i have a team, i call them the "empire builders" they stimulate me to a higher wavelength of thinking, helping me see my true potential & contribute to my creativity. [god stepping in giving me my gifts]  

if you've ever read my tweets, facebook statuses or past blogs, chances are i've made some mention of paying it forward or being the answer to someone's prayers. i live by this. im a true believer in the principle of "to have a friend is to be a friend" some may say [have said] im too nice, but what they haven't picked up on yet is im teaching them how to be less of a jerk. i live by example, i try to be the change i want to see in this world. i treat people how i want to be treated. ask around. it takes more energy to go against someone than it does to go with the flow. we all have a choice in what we decide to pay attention to. you ever notice when you are putting time into things you are passionate about things fall in your lap? missing puzzle pieces show up! 

we are supposed to be learning from every person in our life, anyone who impacts our thoughts and actions. the key is being open to receiving the lesson that person is teaching us, even when we don't want to learn it. some folks teach us to keep a guard up a little longer & not get ahead of ourselves, others teach us that love comes in all shapes and forms, others help us realize our purpose by restoring our belief in ourself. sometimes this divine intervention is a person, oftentimes it is a series of events. regardless of the occurrence, there's a message to be heard. 

while we learn from others, they learn from us. what if god were one of us? what if he all of us.